How Safe is Your Data?

The statistics are staggering each and every year. 41% of computer users lose irreplaceable files.

Data can be lost due to:

  • Hard Drive Crash
  • Theft
  • Water Damage
  • Power Surges
  • Natural Disasters
  • Accidental Deletion

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How Reliable is Your Hard Drive?

Your hard drive is a mechanical device with moving parts that break down over time, just like an automobile. Eventually your hard drive is going to crash and fail.

How inconvenienced would you be if your hard drive failed today? Do you have a backup of your pictures, music or important documents? If you have running on your PC, then you can say "Yes" and feel better knowing your files will still be there when your PC is running again.

Business data is fragile. How much time and money would you lose if your computer crashed today?

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How Secure is Your Backup?

Are you backing your files up to an external hard drive? What happens if that hard drive accidentally falls off the table? That small fall could be enough of a jolt for you to lose all your backups. Online backup service takes the worry out of a fallen hard drive.

GorillaBackups data centers have RAID 6+1 drive arrays. In non-geek, this means that any 3 hard drives could crash and burn and all of your data is still safe and secure.

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